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Hardware tools industry information - garden tools

Issuing time:2021-03-23 22:39

1、 Basic situation of garden tools chain saw industry

Basic meaning

Garden tools refer to the machinery and equipment involved in gardening, greening and subsequent maintenance. Including lawn construction and maintenance machinery, green space construction and maintenance machinery, urban arbor and shrub planting and maintenance machinery, flower cultivation facilities and equipment, garden engineering and professional sports venues.

Garden machinery refers to chain saw, edge cutting machine, edge trimming machine, Hedge machine, irrigation machine, grass combing machine, high branch machine, leaf suction machine, lawn mower, lawn trimmer and other mechanical equipment used for landscaping, garden construction and garden maintenance.

Chain saw products are mainly electric chain saw and gasoline saw, which are composed of handle, motor or gasoline engine, guide plate, chain and hand shield. It is a power tool for cutting trees with saw chain operated by the operator's hands. It is mainly used for logging and timber making. Its working principle is to cut by the transverse movement of staggered L-shaped blades on the saw chain.

Main classification, advantages and disadvantages of chain saws

According to different sources, chain saws are divided into gasoline saws, electric saws, pneumatic saws and hydraulic saws. The advantages and disadvantages of these four power chain saws are obvious:

Gasoline saw: strong mobility, suitable for field mobile work. However, it is noisy, troublesome to maintain and produce more heat.

Electric chain saw: stable power, fast start, heavier than other saws. But if the line is too long, it will be inconvenient to move.

Pneumatic chain saw: safe, pollution-free, low noise and light weight. However, the air compressor must be attached, which increases the floor area and is restricted by conditions.

Hydraulic chain saw: it has sufficient power, but it starts slowly and works stably. The volume of hydraulic pump station is smaller than that of air compressor. High cost.

2、 Development and market overview of garden tools industry

The emergence and development of garden tools began with lawn maintenance machinery. At first, people used some simple tools and livestock to "cut" the lawn. Until 1830, the world's first forage harvester powered by internal combustion engine was invented and used for lawn pruning in 1832. Since then, landscaping and maintenance equipment for different purposes has been developing. In the 1950s, a large number of mechanical equipment for landscaping and maintenance came out, and the garden tool industry entered a period of rapid development; In the 1970s, in some developed countries in Europe and America, with the improvement of people's living standards, small landscaping and maintenance machinery entered the family and became an essential tool for the family; At the end of the 20th century, the construction and maintenance of public green space to courtyard green space in most cities around the world have basically realized mechanization.

The development of Chinese garden tools and equipment began in the late 1970s. At first, the urban construction department set up a garden tool factory to produce garden tools. In the 1980s, with the increase of landscaping area in major and medium-sized cities in China, some agricultural and forestry machinery production enterprises began to develop and produce some garden tools urgently needed by the society. However, these tools are refitted on the basis of the original products. Although they can also meet the use requirements, there is a large gap with similar foreign products in terms of noise, exhaust emission, performance and quality of the whole machine, so they can not enter the mainstream market of garden tool application.

3、 Market analysis of key export countries

01 US market

The North American market of garden tools is mainly concentrated in the United States market. The United States is the largest consumer of garden tools in the world, and its consumption mainly comes from family gardening and public greening construction. The United States has a relatively developed economy, a high ownership rate of private courtyards, and frequent family garden maintenance and operations, such as pruning branches and tidying up the lawn. There is a strong demand for garden tools, which has driven the development of the garden tool market in this region. China's chain saw exports to the United States have maintained steady growth in recent years.

02 Russian market

There are about 40 million mu of gardens in Russia, that is, every three Russians have their own courtyard. Since the Soviet era, Russian villas have attached a courtyard of about 600 square meters. Householders often plant some fruits and vegetables in the courtyard in warm seasons. Since 2005, Russia's economic development has reduced the necessity of personal planting of edible plants, and also made people more interested in ornamental gardening, especially those who have high-end houses in cities.

03 German market

Since 2014, the demand of German home and garden market has rebounded. In Germany, the home and garden market is relatively mature, and new sales usually need to be driven by innovative and personalized products. With more and more people emigrating to Germany, the German population began to grow gradually and the number of families continued to grow steadily. These favorable demographic factors played a positive role in the growth of the home and garden market.

4、 Analysis of major competitive markets

01. Competition pattern of international garden tools industry

The main products and markets of the world's major garden tool manufacturers are listed as follows:

The main advantages of the above garden tool manufacturers are in their product design, technology development, brand management and sales channels. Their products cover a wide range. In addition to MTD's main production of lawn mowers, Stihl, Emak, TTI, Bosch and other companies have a rich range of products. Among them, Stihl, Emak and huskvarna mainly produce gasoline power products, while Bosch and Makita mainly produce electric products.

02. Competition pattern of domestic garden tools industry

The domestic garden tools industry is mainly concentrated in East China, mainly distributed in Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shandong and other provinces. The main reason for the above regional concentration is that garden tools are mainly exported, and the export mode is mainly shipping, so the production areas are mainly concentrated along the sea.

03. Competition pattern of garden tools industry in Europe and America

At present, the main consumption areas of global garden tools are concentrated in Europe and America, which has gathered a number of multinational enterprise groups with high market concentration.

Western European countries such as Germany and the United Kingdom and developed countries such as the United States have a high level of economic development, and their consumers pay more attention to the environmental protection and safety of products. Therefore, low emission gasoline power products and lithium battery products in garden tools are popular in these developed countries. TTI, Bosch and other international well-known brand companies take the lead in occupying this market with their technology, brand advantages and perfect after-sales service. Domestic enterprises have a low market share in this region. In the future, with the continuous breakthrough and popularization of lithium battery technology, lithium battery garden tool products will have a broad development prospect in the garden tool market in Western Europe.

In Europe, the economic development level of Eastern European countries such as Russia and Ukraine is relatively low, and their consumers pay more attention to the cost performance and practicability of products. It is one of the main sales areas of domestic garden tool OEM enterprises. These countries have relatively low requirements for product safety and environmental protection, so their main products include traditional gasoline powered garden tools and AC garden tools.