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In 2021, the global market demand for garden machinery was USD 24.2 billion, and lawn mowers account

Issuing time:2021-03-23 22:47

China business information network news: the market demand base of global garden machinery products is large. At the same time, affected by the world economic development, the growth of population and family, the popularization of horticultural culture, the promotion of new products and other factors, the market demand has maintained a long-term growth trend. In 2016, the total global market demand was USD 21.35 billion, including USD 14.290 billion for gasoline powered garden machinery, accounting for 66.93% of the total global market demand, and USD 2.505 billion for lithium powered garden machinery, accounting for 11.73% of the total global market demand. It is estimated that by 2021, the global market demand for garden machinery products will reach US $24.2 billion, with an annual compound growth rate of 2.50%, of which the compound growth rate of lithium powered garden machinery will reach 5.50%, which is the main growth force of the market demand for garden machinery.

Garden machinery and equipment mainly include lawn mowers, professional grassland equipment, chain saws, lawn mowers / irrigation mowers and other equipment. Among them, professional grassland equipment is all kinds of professional machinery and equipment used for the maintenance of professional lawns such as golf courses and football fields or large public green spaces; Other power machines include leaf blowing and suction machines, snow sweepers, micro tillage machines and hedge machines. The market segments of the global garden machinery industry are mainly lawn mowers, accounting for 34.2%. Accessories and other machinery account for more than 15%. Professional grassland equipment accounted for 14.2%.

Lawn mower, also known as lawn mower, lawn mower, etc., is a machine used to trim lawn and vegetation. Lawn mowers are widely used in private gardens, public green spaces and professional lawns. The market demand accounts for a large proportion of the total demand for garden machinery products. From 2002 to 2016, the global mower market demand increased from US $5.700 billion to US $7.295 billion, with a CAGR of 1.78%. It is expected that the demand of the global mower market will maintain a compound growth rate of 2.60% and reach US $8.295 billion by 2021.