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Electric mower PK fuel mower, who wins and who loses

Issuing time:2021-07-20 08:58

        The working principle of the mower is: the blade is installed on one end of the support shaft, and the other end of the support shaft is connected with a supporting lithium battery. The blade uses the high-speed rotation of the motor to improve the cutting speed, so as to save cutting time and reduce a lot of human resources. This is a brief description of the working principle of lithium battery lawn mower, but there are many kinds of lawn mowers commonly used today, which are generally divided by power system, including fuel lawn mower and electric lawn mower. Which is better?


Advantages of fuel mower

Strong power, high horsepower, high efficiency, fast speed, and can work for a long time. Gasoline lawn mower is suitable for outdoor, long-time and large-area operations, such as municipal and large parks( Of course, it's not that the electric mower is not suitable for these scenarios, but that the fuel mower is more suitable in terms of working time and working area.)

Disadvantages of fuel mower

High noise and vibration can not meet the occasions with high environmental requirements( For the parks, squares and other places mentioned above, the requirements for noise are also very high, so in addition to this condition, the electric lawn mower is more suitable.)

Advantages of electric mower

With lithium battery (of course, lead-acid battery) as the power source, it has the advantages of low working noise, stable operation, environmental protection and energy saving, low price and so on.

Disadvantages of electric mower

The continuous working time is short and needs frequent charging. It is not suitable for working away from the charging power supply. It is suitable for family courtyard( There is a solution, that is, equipped with two lithium batteries. Of course, in a normal working environment, there are also large capacity supporting lithium batteries that can meet the long-term working needs. Moreover, the charging speed of lithium battery is relatively fast, and it can be recharged during the noon break.)